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About Me

BatterUp is a home run artisan chocolate/confection buisness based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is the result of Liana's years of culinary and personal experiences. As a child, she spent countless hours experimenting in the kitchen. When she was 10 years old she fell in love with decorating cakes and by the time she graduated high school she had made hundreds of birthday cakes and multiple wedding cakes. Through the years she became more intrested in pastries, different flavors, textures and developing her abilities in the kitchen.

After a year in Interior Design school Liana got the oportunity to train at The Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver and take courses in both pastry and chocolate. After those courses, Liana returned to her home kitchen with a new found energy to continue to share her creations with others. Through the success of a summer at the Amblside Farmers Market, Liana decided it was time to turn a dream of starting a pastry and chocolate buisness into a reality.

So without futher adieu, welcome to the BatterUp online store. This store will be the platform for everything chocolates. There will be constantly changing seasonal pruducts as well as products that stick around year long. I am beyond excited to get a chance to live out my dream and share my love of chocolates with others.